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This page contains resources for you to use in making employees aware of the vital part they play in maintaining online safety and information security in your business. ‘Leaflets for Your Employees’ will help your employees in their personal lives to protect themselves, their families and their finances on the internet. This, in turn, will help them establish good online habits which they will also bring into the workplace. You have the option of downloading all leaflets on this page as pdfs for viewing, or as high-resolution files for litho or digital printing.

Online Safety Leaflet

Online Safety Leaflet

Online Safety Poster

Online Safety Poster

PowerPoint Presentations


Audio Reconstructions of Scam Business Phone Calls

Archie Hicks

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Protect your Identity

Take Care Using Free Wi Fi

Avoid Phishing Scams

Protect Your PC

Social Engineering

Leaflets for Your Employees

Identity Fraud

Online Fraud

Buying Tickets Safely

Phone Fraud

Social Engineering Scams

Going Online in Public Places

Safe Email

Using Wi-Fi Safely

Safe Online Gaming


Safe Social Networking

Spring Clean Your Connected Devices

Safe Online Shopping

Safe Online Banking

Safe Holiday and Travel Booking


Understanding the cybercriminal


Pension Fraud

Safeguarding Children

Tax Scams