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Listen to our podcast on keeping your business safe online

To support Get Safe Online Week this year, we are focusing on providing small and medium sized businesses tips and advice on how to minimise the chances of your organisation becoming a victim. We’ve recorded a podcast involving a number of experts to help you understand the threats, but also help you think about ways […]

Join the #RansomAware Movement
How to reduce spam in online contact forms

Online forms are meant to help you nurture leads, boost engagement, and increase conversions. They should be part of any robust digital marketing strategy, and they’re one of the best ways to gather quality data about consumer behaviour and preferences.  However, seeing that your lead contact form has been blown up with hundreds of spam […]

How to protect your VoIP phone system

With many benefits that come from using a VoIP (Voice Over IP) Phone System, such as their low price and technological advances unbeknown to landlines, come cybersecurity risks that are common for everything that is based on the internet. Any system that uses port and internet connection can be accessed by third parties, costing you […]

Introduction to Desktop as a Service (DaaS) Security

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) has seen growing popularity, but with this popularity comes unique risks that have to be taken seriously. DaaS is a unique cloud computing service that allows you to access a cloud-based virtual desktop from anywhere in the world, on any device. A DaaS platform allows you to use a fully […]

Five simple ways to make your website more secure

It’s 2020 and technology has never been so advanced, but with this of course also comes an increased threat of the most sophisticated hacking and cyber fraud practices. Whether you operate online, or simply promote your services there, your website contributes to your livelihood, and it really couldn’t be more important to stay on top […]

Good cybersecurity makes for great online branding

Most companies and brands today are aware of the need to take cybersecurity seriously. Recent research by IBM, in fact, has found that improving cybersecurity is among the top priorities for CMOs across the 28 countries surveyed.  In practice, however, this desire for “better security” is often undermined by another principle: that the customer experience […]

Nine security issues that indicate you should change web hosts

You might not realise the extent, but web hosting is a minefield.  Though great web hosts will go to great lengths to protect your website and data from hackers, using a web host with a casual attitude towards security is like leaving the door to your house open: thieves will see it as an opportunity […]

How to protect your WordPress website from cyberattacks

WordPress truly powers the web. In fact, to put that into numbers, there is expected to be around 75 million active websites using WordPress right now. However, with that popularity also comes big challenges.  What could be the downfall of using a Content Management System that’s so widely used? Security. No matter how big or […]

The three most common errors business owners make in cybersecurity

Every day, an increasing amount of our business is carried out online. Entrepreneurs across the globe are taking advantage of the ease of an internet-connected world to innovate. Today, consumers are largely relying on the internet to inform and complete their purchases. For small and medium-sized businesses, the message is clear: You aren’t a truly […]