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The web world: who owns who? (Infographic)

By on 03 Apr, 2018

Company Mergers and Acquisitions, and their Inevitable Dominance

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Today, mergers and acquisitions are not strange concepts. This is basically a case where the ownership of organisations, as well as all their operating units, are combined or transferred. It is a segment of strategic management which provides enterprises with the capacity to reduce its size or increase or change the way their business is run for a better competitive advantage.

It is not strange in our world today to learn that a larger and more successful company just purchased a smaller one. In fact, it is becoming a norm as sometimes renowned companies merge forces together to stand a better chance out there — and known names on the internet are incorporating this strategy. Accordingly, Facebook has purchased WhatsApp and Instagram.

Additionally, Microsoft purchased Skype, MSN, Bling and LinkedIn. As at the month of December 2017, Apple purchased Shazam for a sum of $400 million. When you consider all these, you begin to understand that the world of business is not too large, so leading companies are somewhat always linked.

Amazon's case is flawlessly similar. The well-known e-commerce giant made its largest acquisition in June 2017 after purchasing Whole Food Markets for a whopping sum of $13.7 billion. The initial acquisition made by Amazon was in 1998 when the organization purchased PlanetAll which was a reminder service. Since then, Amazon has purchased a host of companies which include Telebool, Junglee, IMDb, Zappos,, Brilliance Audio, and a host of others. It does not look like they are planning to stop anytime soon as they are still making various acquisitions.

eBay, another e-commerce giant, has purchased various organisations in the past. Before Skype was purchased by Microsoft, it was first bought by eBay. Also, they merged with PayPal for a long time.

Summarily, as outlined in the infographic below put together by the folks at Zion Tech Group Blog, you can see how acquisitions and mergers keep growing and which company owns another known company till date.

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