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Malicious Android apps will rocket, cloud will be heavily compromised, and much more.

By Tim Mitchell on 08 Jan, 2013

Get Safe Online Partner Trend Micro has published its annual paper highlighting its predictions for the forthcoming year. 'Security Threats to Business, the Digital Lifestyle, and the Cloud'. The document is relevant to both businesses and individuals and includes the following key predictions:

1. The volume of malicious and high-risk Android apps will hit 1 million in 2013.
2. Windows 8 offers improved security—but only to consumers.
3. Cybercriminals will heavily abuse legitimate cloud services.
4. As digital technology plays a larger role in our lives, security threats will appear in unexpected places.
5. Consumers will use multiple computing platforms and devices. Securing these will be complex and difficult.
6. Politically motivated electronic-based attacks will become more destructive.
7. Cloud storage or not, data breaches will remain a threat in 2013.
8. Efforts to address global cybercrime will take two or more years to reach full implementation.
9. Conventional malware threats will only gradually evolve, with few, if any, new threats. Attacks will become more sophisticated in terms of deployment.
10. Africa will become a new safe harbor for cybercriminals.

To read the full paper, please click here.