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Get Safe Online engages with schoolkids on internet safety

By Tim Mitchell on 05 Feb, 2013

I'm delighted to say that Get Safe Online's Cyber Pro-Prefects initiative in support of Safer Internet Day is proving a resounding success.

My colleague, Partnerships Manager Laura Beckett spoke with students at Luckley-Oakfield School in Wokingham this morning.

"They embraced the challenge amazingly well" Laura has told me. "We did a great assembly with the girls and teachers. We spoke about using the internet safely and wisely. We also spoke about anti-virus software and how to back up and update systems. They loved the challenge and I heard from the Head that the girls were wanting to discuss it further amongst themselves in class. I was invited to a birthday tea party at first break and all the girls had the neon green bracelets on! Result! They had had the exchange and received the tips. I have had two lovely emails from two teachers requesting I come back to do small group sessions in IT. They loved the work we are doing and the challenge."

Head of ICT Caroline Bennett was delighted that Laura was visiting. "It is such a crucial issue in today’s society and as digital children brought up and surrounded by the internet and technology this awareness is the equivalent of "stranger danger" for the digital child. I am greatly looking forward to our pupils taking the fun challenge after the talk and at the same time learning about being safe online.”

Later in the day, another delighted teacher caught up with Laura with the comment "I went in to one of the year 7 groups at lunchtime and there was Emma reading out the top ten tips...... I do love the girls at Luckley!"

We blogged about Chief Exec Tony Neate's very positive experience shared with Year 7s at Hawthorns School in Pontypridd earlier today. Tomorrow Tony is addressing assembly and talking to the kids at two primary schools in Cardiff - St Cadoc’s and Kitchener.

The Cyber Pro-Prefect campaign is Laura's initiative, generously and ably supported by Get Safe Online partners SOCA (Serious Organised Crime Agency, SCDEA (Scottish Crime & Drug Enforcement Agency) and Trend Micro.