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Partnering with Get Safe Online

The unique and invaluable services provided by Get Safe Online are made possible by joint funding from our commercial partners who are organisations in financial services, retailing, law enforcement, central and local government and the Ministry of Defence. The financial assistance provided by these organisations enables us to continue to increase awareness, provide expert, up-to-the-minute advice and effect positive behaviour change to support internet users in all walks of life to go online with safety, security and confidence.

What will you get?

Relationships with Get Safe Online are mutually symbiotic. If you choose to become a commercial partner, your organisation will also reap a number of important benefits from the association:

  • Strong association with the Get Safe Online brand to provide increased confidence that your organisation is safe and secure to buy from, sell to and otherwise transact with, and to work/contract for.
  • Use of an independent, respected mouthpiece complementary to your own, to convey positive messaging via our various high-profile communication channels.
  • Use of our educational and advisory services – including public and other outreach events – designed to deliver effective online safety messages in a language, tone of voice and level to suit specific audiences, whether within or outside your organisation.
  • Opportunities to collaborate and develop high impact news stories, providing your organisation with a positive association in the news with wide-reaching or local press coverage, depending on your audience. Recent examples include:

Holidaymakers warned to watch out for fake deals amid cost-of-living pressures

Shoppers desperate to save money as the cost of living rises are being targeted by online scammers in a major new crime wave

Holidaymakers warned to watch out for fake deals amid cost-of-living pressures

  • Content which is dynamic and relevant without additional fixed costs or redeployment of resources.
  • A more safe and secure online culture within your workforce, both in the workplace and employees’ personal lives.
  • Membership of a community of like-minded organisations with a prominent online safety agenda.
  • With the unprecedented reliance of your customers and other stakeholders on the internet, a partnership with Get Safe Online can form a significant element of your corporate social responsibility strategy.

How much will it cost?

Rather than offering templated partnership packages, we work with you to determine the anticipated level of activity and agree on a fee for the forthcoming 12-month period.

Other strategic relationships

We also receive support from a number of other public and private sector organisations in the form of technical expertise, collaborative activity and promotion.

How do I become a Partner?

If you want to get behind us and the important work that we do, we would love to hear from you.

If you wish to discuss becoming a commercial partner of Get Safe Online, please contact Andrew Little at [email protected]. Alternatively, please complete the following contact form and a member of the team will be in touch.


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