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For almost every modern business, the ability to safely email, work remotely and operate a website is crucial to its everyday operation and success. The basic safety rules are similar to those we apply to our personal computers and other communication devices, but there are a number of differences which are based mainly around the number of different people working in the business, and a duty of care to protect not only itself but also its customers and other parties.

This section contains valuable advice specific to small and medium-sized businesses about not only keeping safe online but associated topics such as information security, data protection and disposal of computer assets.  

The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills has published a guidance document for small businesses - What you need to know about cyber security. To view and/or download the document, please click here.


Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

How to maintain ‘business as usual’ if things go wrong.

Business Security Plan

Why security planning is important, and what to include.

Data Encryption

Prevent unauthorised people from accessing your valuable data.

Data Protection Act

The Act carries serious obligations. Make sure you comply.

Information Access Management

Control who has access to what business data.

Physical Security

The first line of defence in keeping your data safe.

Remote & Mobile Working

Keeping connected away from the office must be secure. Here’s how.


Stay safe and legal when choosing and using software for your business.

Staff Policies

How to create a simple staff policy document and why.

Taking & Making Payments

Security criteria for taking and making electronic payments.

Business Fraud

Spot and prevent the kinds of fraud that could affect your business.

Cloud Computing

Some advice about keeping your business secure in the cloud.

Data Loss Prevention

Your data is one of your most important assets. Keep it safe.

Dial-Through Fraud

Is your telephone system secure from hacking and fraud? Read how to prevent it here.

Personal Devices

Managing the use of employees’ personal devices in your business.

Protect Your Website

Customer interface or shop window, here’s how to keep your website safe.

Selling on eBay

A few simple rules about selling safely via this auction site.

Sources of Advice & Support

Where to turn for further support to keep your business safe online.

Staff Training

Make sure all employees are correctly trained in security awareness.


Teleconferencing saves time & money. Do it securely to reduce risk.