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Ways You Work

Ways You Work

This section of our business website concerns keeping safe and secure in various day-to-day functions of your business.

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How to bank online safely and securely.

The Cloud

It is vital to protect your own and any customer data hosted or stored in the cloud.

Cyber & Information Security Support

Consider using a cyber and info security support specialist.

Electronic & Card Payments

Taking and making card payments involves risk, so take necessary precautions.


Ensure good security practice and robust systems before embarking on eprocurement.

HMRC/Companies House Scams

HMRC or other government organisations will not email requesting confidential data.

IT Support

Find and engage a trustworthy IT support supplier.

Mobile & Home Access

Ensure access when working away from the office is secure at all times.

Protect Your Website

Protect your website against attacks from hackers as well as technical failure.

Selling on eBay

Take precautions against risks encountered when selling on auction sites.

Supply Chain

Poor practice or systems could jeopardise the security of the entire supply chain.

Tele & Videoconferencing

Make sure you guard details of conferences and that links are secure.