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Put a PIN on it

Putting a PIN on a mobile device is the first line of defence against unauthorised use if lost, stolen, or falling into little hands. It’s fast and simple to do.

Look after it or lose it

Mobile devices are attractive to thieves because of their value and the information they can reveal. Keep them concealed whenever possible and don’t leave unattended … anywhere.

Passwords and logins

Don’t store passwords, logins or other confidential information in notes or documents on your mobile device. Lose it, and you’ll lose the information and it may no longer be confidential.


Many online games let you (and your children) run up bills for in-app purchases and achieving higher levels, so be careful to keep track. Choose options that require a password for purchases in the app store itself. If children are playing games, make sure they’re age-appropriate, and monitor who they’re communicating with.

Out and about

Take care when using your device away from home. Be aware of who may be looking over your shoulder, and when doing something personal or entering confidential details, don’t use Wi-Fi hotspots in public places like cafés and hotel rooms, as you can’t be sure they’re secure.

Kids and mobiles

The internet is a fascinating world for children, but they need to be protected against unsuitable content and inappropriate content. Use ISP filters and parental apps, and work with your children to foster safe use of the internet, including social media. That goes for texting too.

Back it up

Losing precious photos, documents and emails can be devastating. Make sure everything on your smartphones and tablets is backed up online.

Keep it clean

Download a reputable security app and keep it updated, to avoid malware like spyware or ransomware. This goes for all devices – including Apple.


Use only app sources such as Google Play, App Store or Microsoft Store. Never download apps from random websites.