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Working with the Government

Sharing the best advice for your online safety

Get Safe Online is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to providing the best advice on internet safety to the UK public and small businesses. We are supported financially both by the government and by selected private sector partners, as well as sharing resources and best practice advice.

The government has its own online safety resource – Cyber Aware – with which we enjoy a close and mutually beneficial relationship.

A substantial part of the Get Safe Online website – and our other activities – deal with online crime, such as fraud and identity theft. The vast majority of such issues could be avoided if everybody adopted better habits like not taking everything they see for granted, not clicking on random links and attachments, and thinking twice.

However, there are also some technical aspects which it is essential that you follow, which is emphasised on Cyber Aware by the Government and which we also strongly recommend and reinforce. You can find more information and advice by clicking on the links below.

Use strong passwords

A strong password is your first defence against hackers and cyber criminals

Advice for consumers
Advice for businesses


Download software updates

Software updates contain vital security upgrades which help keep your devices secure

Advice for consumers
Advice for businesses


Click on the logo to visit the CYBER AWARE website.