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Get Safe Online - Resources for Police

The resources on this page are designed specifically for you to download to use in promoting online safety

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Social Engineering

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Safe Email 2017

Wi Fi

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Get Safe Online Week 2017

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Get Safe Online Week 2018

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It’s Personal

Vishing Scam

Computer Support Scam

Phishing Scam

Protect your PC

Protect your ID

Ticket Scam

Holiday Scam

Social Engineering

One Post Could be your Ghost

Hunt the Passwords

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Over 65s

Police Cyber Training Presentation

Business Audio - Call Reconstructions

Archie Hicks

Harwood Estates


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Switched-On Parent

Schools Leaflet

It’s Always Personal

Identity Fraud

Buying Tickets Safely

Social Engineering Scams

Going Online in Public Places

Using Wi Fi Safely

Safe Online Gaming

Safe Social Networking

Spring Clean Your Connected Devices

Safe Online Shopping

Safe Online Banking

Safe Holiday and Travel Booking

Understanding the cybercriminal

Posting & Sending Photos

ISC2 Presentations

Senior Citizens Presentation ISC2

Parents Presentation ISC2