Get Safe Online works with Kaspersky to protect connected kids

January 13th 2020

Every child is different – and a new, interactive portal, launched today, will help parents protect their youngsters from cyber threats, no matter how they interact with the online world

The internet is fast becoming the foundation of children’s’ everyday life – making parents’ job of keeping them safe online harder. Internet security company Kaspersky has found that nearly all (98%) of children receive their first connected device before they turn 13 – whilst over half (58%) of parents have spent less than 30 minutes talking to their children about internet dangers throughout their childhood.

Recognising this, Get Safe Online is supporting Kaspersky in helping parents keep kids safe. The two organisations have worked together to launch a new, user-friendly website that provides interactive tools, information and advice to equip adults with the tools they need to safeguard their children.

At the heart of this portal is a tool that will help parents define their children’s online personality – and therefore how they should be kept protected. Whether their kids are film fans, social butterflies, performers, chatterboxes or gamers, parents will be able to identify their children’s dominant ‘online type’, and access tips and advice tailored to these specific internet traits.

  –  Film fans are glued to their tablets and spend their lives streaming content – so they must be protected from potentially harmful content.

  –  Social butterflies thrive on Instagram and Twitter – so it’s important that they aren’t giving too much information away, or talking to potentially dangerous strangers.

  –  Performers document every moment of their lives – and parents must ensure that they’re not oversharing sensitive information and only posting in safe spaces.

  –  Gamers constantly play online – so it’s vital that they don’t fall foul of online scams, cyberbullying or other abuse, or hidden costs.

  –  Chatterboxes are never off WhatsApp or iMessage – so parents must be aware of the conversations they’re having and that they’re not exchanging harmful or inappropriate messages or content.

Tony Neate, Chief Executive at Get Safe Online, said: “It’s no secret that being online can present many dangers to children, and with the number of connected devices constantly growing, as well as young users’ dependency on the internet, more must be done to spread awareness of what parents can do to keep young people safe when online – whether they’re gaming or chatting.”

David Emm, Principal Security Researcher at Kaspersky, said: “Children’s online safety is a real minefield, and it is fundamental that parents are equipped with everything they need to keep their kids online – but it isn’t always easy with mini digital natives. Kids interact with the online world in many ways, and it’s important for parents to understand the risks of each activity – in order to keep them safe.”

The new interactive portal is live from today and can be accessed at

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Tim Mitchell

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