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Scammer Nanas back on TV

December 11th 2020

This morning saw the return of the Scammer Nanas to BBC One, when they appeared on the channel's Morning Live programme, presented by Kym Marsh and Gethin Jones. 

In October 2017, our annual week-long Get Safe Online Week campaign highlighted phishing and the fact that under 25s are now more than twice as likely to be snared by online phishing scams than baby boomers. Our research showed that on average, youngsters under 25 lose a huge £613.22 to fraudsters, compared with the older generation’s losses which average £214.70. The campaign - which subsequently picked up multiple awards - was picked up by BBC One's The One Show. 

To prove that anyone can get phished – and equally that anyone could be behind phishing – Get Safe Online top trainer Paul Bayer  (shown here) trained a group of grandmothers dubbed the Scammer Nanas, to phish their grand children and dispel the convictions of a quarter of young people (27%) who believe they are too smart to fall for scams. The training included faking their email addresses, creating false links, inventing a fake ‘company’ and writing a convincing fake email. They then put their knowledge to the test and phished their grandchildren with emails with fraudulent links – the response indicating that young people are less risk-averse than they believe.

This morning's item - shown at a time when online shopping and delivery scams are at their peak - was an edited re-run of the original The One Show item from 2017. 

Tony Neate, CEO of Get Safe Online, said: “There’s a common misconception that as ‘digital natives’, younger people are savvier and safer online. However, as our report showed back in 2017, this isn’t the case. When it comes to staying safe from cyberscammers, older may actually mean wiser. Unfortunately, we've seen nothing to indicate that anything has changed."

The clip on this morning's show begins at 13mins 45sec.