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When did you last complete your #LifeUpdates?

By Cyber Aware on 27 Feb, 2019

How long is your current to-do list? For those of us with busy lives there always seems to be a growing list of ‘life admin’ to complete. We are all guilty of procrastinating and putting things off, even if they are not particularly difficult or time-consuming, and installing the latest software and app updates is a classic.

We think it’s time we flipped our attitude to these #LifeUpdates. We have all felt that great sense of achievement when we complete a task promptly. The relief of ‘ticking’ a job off and reaping the benefits allows us to gives ourselves a pat on the back. What’s more, if we tick off simple tasks we can potentially save ourselves a lot of stress, time – and potentially money.

Installing the latest software and app updates helps protect your devices from viruses and hackers as they contain vital security updates. The Cyber Aware #LifeUpdates campaign highlights those ‘to dos’ like changing service providers, using price comparison sites or adopting useful cost cutting techniques, which only take a few minutes but could have a lasting impact.

When we need a little motivation to complete these day to day tasks, it’s worth considering what would happen if we just didn’t bother!  If we forget to use a price comparison website when changing service providers, or forget to cancel that subscription we no longer need - it’s likely we will end up out of pocket. When we don’t install the latest software and app updates, we are increasing the risk of becoming the victim of a virus or a hack. Every new update fixes weaknesses in the software that hackers could use to attack our devices and steal our identity; - this all brings a potential financial cost and impact on our wellbeing.

Installing the latest software and app updates are important #LifeUpdates that should never be put off. We want people to know it doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming. You can install new updates at night when you are asleep and your device is plugged into a power socket. You can also set devices to automatically install the latest software and app updates when available.

So next time you receive a notification with a new software or app update available – remember to install it as soon as possible. Below are five simple Cyber Aware #LifeUpdates to help you stay secure online: 

  -  Install the latest software and app updates

  -  Use a strong and separate password for your email account 

  -  Activate two step authentication on your email

  -  Consider using password managers

  -  Secure your tablet or smartphone with a screen-lock

For more advice on simple ways to be more secure online, visit the Cyber Aware website.

Cyber Aware aims to drive behaviour change amongst small businesses and individuals, so that they adopt simple secure online behaviours to help protect themselves from cyber criminals: install the latest software and app updates and use a strong, separate password for your email. This is based on expert advice from the National Cyber Security Centre, a part of GCHQ.

Cyber Aware is a cross-government awareness and behaviour change campaign delivered by the Home Office in conjunction with Department of Culture, Media & Sport alongside the National Cyber Security Centre, and funded by the National Cyber Security Programme in the Cabinet Office.