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‘What’s Your Story?’

By Tony Neate on 29 Feb, 2012

Recent events have led to the scrutiny of young people’s use – and misuse – of technology and social media platforms. Last summer’s riots sparked a barrage of commentary on the role that social media played in orchestrating and galvanising such events, especially when placed in the hands of young people. The latest revelations on this topic include news about students making negative comments about teachers on social media platforms.

While it is important to recognise these concerns and increase awareness about ethics and social media, there are not enough options to showcase some of the great and positive things that youths may be doing to make their online world a better one. That’s why Get Safe Online is delighted to support Trend Micro’s 3rd annual ‘What’s Your Story?’ video competition. The competition invites young people to submit and share a short video, song, story, poem or drawing to help others stay safe, smart and responsible online.

The best entry will be awarded with a £5,000 prize, and runner-up prizes for the best individual and school entries will also be given in the competition is now open for submissions. Just make sure you send your entries in before the competition closes on 3rd April 2012.

We hope that this will inspire some powerful, creative work from young people that can bring to life these issues so that others can learn how to stay safe and smart online.  From the number and quality of entries received over the past two years, it’s clear that young people have a lot to say on these matters and they want – and need – to be heard. So what are you waiting for?! If you’re seven years old and over and have some great tips to help you and your friends stay safe online, click on to for more information about how to get involved.