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Tell us your story - Have You Been a Victim of Online Crime?

By Tony Neate on 26 Sep, 2011

At Get Safe Online we work hard to raise awareness about internet safety issues and risks. Our information is based on real security threats, and to make sure we’re providing the best information possible, we need your help.  We are keen to hear from anyone who has, or knows someone who has, been a victim of online crime.  Your examples will contribute to our awareness campaign and could include:

• Online banking fraud
• Online shopping fraud
• ID theft
• Mobile phone scams
• Holiday scams
• Online dating scams
• Anti Virus (malware) scams

Your stories will help us to build a better picture of the type of scams that are being employed by fraudsters, and will assist in our fight against them. No matter how big or small your story, please do get in touch with us at the following email address or phone number.

E: [email protected]
T: +44 (0)20 3047 2561

Thank you for your support, and thanks for helping us fight online crime!