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Super-passwords are a dead giveaway

By Tony Neate on 17 Oct, 2006

Many businesses have servers, email systems, backup systems, network routers, administrator accounts and so on. All of these require passwords. In some cases, companies have more of these 'super-passwords' than they do employees.

Because they are the keys to the kingdom - imagine what would happen if a criminal had direct access to your email server or a competitor could access your file server - these passwords are especially important.

A recent survey by Cyber-Ark Software, an IT security company, found that while most individual passwords are updated:

  • 13 percent of router passwords are never changed
  • 21 percent of local workstation administrator passwords are never changed
  • 13 percent of server passwords are never changed

Get Safe Online has detailed advice about choosing strong passwords and we recommend choosing new, strong passwords for any internet-connected device or piece of software. Never use the default, out-of-the-box setting. In addition, we have detailed advice for small businesses, including this article on controlling access to sensitive data.