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Spammers exploit Steve Irwin’s death

By Tony Neate on 21 Sep, 2006

Sophos, an anti-virus software company, warns that a new spam campaign invites readers to view a 'tribute' video for Steve Irwin, the 'Crocodile Hunter' who died on 4th September when he was attacked by a stingray. When viewers go to the site, they see a trailer for the video and they are invited to enter their email address to see the full thing. Only if you read the privacy policy do you find out that:

the operator of the page reserves the right, amongst other things, "to send you personalized marketing information via electronic delivery", "to send you targeted advertising", and to "sell and/or license the personal information that you third party businesses," including "providers of direct marketing services and applications".

In other words, give us your email address and we'll use it to send you spam and pass it on to other spammers. You couldn't make this stuff up. It's too sad. Get Safe Online has some tips about protecting your privacy online and filtering out spam emails. [tags]spam, Steve Irwin, video, privacy[/tags]