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Rise of the Cyber Champions

By Tony Neate on 21 Jul, 2011

Young professionals give their time to help children get safe online.

Members of YPN Global have been working with schoolchildren as mentors and guides. Cyber Champions understand that the Internet is an integral part of modern life and that teaching responsible habits at an early age is vital. Because young professionals have grown up with the Cyber world at their fingertips the support and advice they give is more easily understood – and accepted – by the next generation. Young people appear to take advice more freely when it’s given other young people.

At the launch even held in the Houses of Parliament over 100 Cyber Champions, partners and supporters including Get Safe Online came together. The message from all involved was very clear, children need advice early on in their cyber career. Parliamentary host Alun Michael MP described the Cyber Champions scheme as: “a superb example of the importance of older children acting as role models for the next younger generation”.

Another role of Cyber Champions is to become a key influencer so that children are mindful of the digital ‘trail’ that they leave while interacting online Andrew Fitzmaurice of security firm Templar Executives explains “It is our role to ensure the digital footprint of young people is a positive one and that they are aware of not only the great power of technology, but also how to use it safely.”

Encouraging responsible and safe online behaviour in the youngest generation is a vital role. When that encouragement is given by people that are credible to the recipients, the greater the probability that the message will be listened to and taken on board.

If you’d like more information about the Cyber Champions scheme then get in touch with YPN Global: [email protected]