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Old dog, New tricks

By Tony Neate on 29 Sep, 2006

Old dogIf you ask most people what they do to protect themselves against viruses, the first thing they say is 'don't open email attachments.' This was good advice a few years ago but now viruses spread in other ways besides email and so people need to do more to protect themselves. For example: a firewall to stop worms, anti-virus software to stop 'drive-by' attacks from rogue websites and anti-spyware software to stop, well, spyware. All this is covered on Get Safe Online. However, the old adage is still good advice. Microsoft has revealed a vulnerability in Microsoft PowerPoint that would let the bad guys embed a virus in a PowerPoint presentation. Already criminals are exploiting. Since these attacks might not be detected by anti-virus software (at least until it is updated) it makes sense not to open PowerPoint files that might be infected. In other words, don't open attachments that you don't absolutely trust.