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Maybe awareness of online safety is improving

By Tim Mitchell on 13 May, 2014

You can't beat shopping online. 

On Saturday, I was looking for some wallpaper, and did the rounds of the DIY 'sheds'. However, I couldn't find what I had in mind so I looked online, found a design I liked and a dozen or more places where I could buy it. Great!

Having chosen an online store, I ordered four rolls, instantly received confirmation of my order and yesterday (the following working day) confirmation that it had been despatched, to arrive today. Perfect! 

This morning, I received yet another email telling me that the wallpaper would be delivered between 9.37 and 10.37am, the name of the courier company and the name of the driver - Clive. Awesome, now I could plan my day.

I answered the door to a man with a van holding a box that looked as if it might contain four rolls of Coloroll's finest, and said "You must be Clive, I got the email".

To which he replied in a semi-joking kind of way: "Bloody hell, do you know my address and bank account number too?"

I semi-jokingly reassured him that I write about breaches in online security, not commit them. 

I was, of course, delighted at Clive's level of awareness. Perhaps all the messages being put out there are doing some good.

Not so deighted, however, that my weekend is going to be taken up decorating.



By Get Safe Online