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Get Safe Online Week Day 3: Leeds

By Tim Mitchell on 24 Oct, 2012

Leeds, West Yorkshire, and what a great start to the day!

We can express only admiration for the commuters of West Yorkshire for their enthusiastic reception to our online safety messages, and our grateful thanks to the wonderful staff at Leeds Station for their splendid assistance. We gave out tons (well, it felt like tons when we were carrying them from the coach) of flyers and giveaways and chatted with commuters about many different topics.

Many seemed concerned about safe emailing ... such as: If they received a 'viral' email from their friends like a joke, charity message of even a picture of a fluffy kitten, was it safe to open? And if they clicked on a link in an email, was it always going to cause problems?

Many people also expressed concern about keeping kids safe online and we chatted about parental controls and - more fundamentally - educating children about safe internet use.

Meanwhile, the Click & Tell coach was parked up at Briggate, one of the city's main shopping streets, where again, the team engaged with the public on all aspects of online safety. We were joined by members of the local constabulary as well as volunteers from the library and city centre wardens. Our grateful thanks go to them all. Our Communications Director Stephen Sharp gave a live interview on Pulse FM this morning which was then used for an online piece on the station's website.

Our Chief Exec Tony Neate, in the meantime, was beavering away in London achieving great media coverage ... including a great live interview on Sky News at lunchtime about Get Safe Online Week and the roadshow (including the cities the coach is visiting). The story was also covered on BBC Radio Leeds this morning on its 6am, 7am and 8am news bulletins.

This is being blogged from the coach on the next leg of its journey, this time to bonny Scotland and the beautiful city of Edinburgh. Roll on Thursday!!