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Final Day: Belfast

By Tim Mitchell on 26 Oct, 2012

After a millpond-calm passage across from our Scottish leg of Get Safe Online Week, we hit Belfast circa 10.45 last night, ready for our drive around the city today.

First stop: Europa Bus Centre & Great Victoria Street Station. It was gratifying to note that almost without exception, everybody who we tried to give a leaflet to, accepted them, as well as accepting the giveaways we had on the stand including the t-shirts, carrier bags, LED torches and folding flying discs for the kids. That may or may not be proportional to an unfortunate statistic of the area ... that some 60% of the population have been directly affected by online crime, one of the worst records in the United Kingdom. The Translink staff were exceptionally accommodating and helpful, even helping us place leaflets in dispensers around the station concourse.

Then it was on to Queen's University, where we set up shop in the Library (shhhh) chatting with students about a number of aspects of online safety. One gentleman related the tale of an unfortunate friend who had fallen victim to romance fraud, losing a total of £35,000 in the process. He came to see us after hearing CEO Tony Neate being interviewed live on BBC Northern Ireland.

We were also joined at Queen's by officers of the Police Service of Northern Ireland, and we're grateful for their help. Ciaran from Get Safe Online Partner Gumtree is still bravely enduring our company after three days.

Now it's on to City Hall for a couple of hours before heading off to our final stop of the week - Tesco Extra - more of which later.